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Welcome to Earth Explained

This website has been designed to help expose the fraudulent teachings of Young-Earth Creationism.

Do you think the findings of geology, geophysics, cosmology, palaeontology, archaeology, biology, zoology and astrophysics are wrong?

They're not (what a surprise!). Find out why here.

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Ken Ham's Creation "Museum"

Ken Ham has made a career out of spreading misinformation and lies about evolution and the age of the earth. His creation "museum", a monstrosity dedicated to nonsense, was built for an astonishing $27 million, donated by uneducated individuals who couldn't think of anything better to support. Really, the mind boggles at the minds of so many Americans (and not a few Britons) who still think that the world is only 6,000 years old and that a worldwide flood laid down the rocks. What then of ancient civilizations and cave paintings dating back to 25,000 BC? Or ice cores going back 420,000 years? Or varve formations at least a few million years old? Ken Ham and his ilk do not adequately account for any of this, instead asserting that all the dating methods are wrong and that there is a huge conspiracy on the part of scientists to keep the general public from believing in God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Find out more about Ham here and here.

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